Super present for me

When my brother came to me and told me he had a great present for me, I spent a lot of time wondering what it could be. We never gave each other many gifts, so I was very interested. I didn`t learn this until about four days later, when my brother led me to the scene. It was in Prague. When we were driving his work car, my brother blindfolded me, too, so I wouldn`t see the big one they`d be in front of. And I was quite nervous, but I was also very excited to finally have a surprise. I haven`t been surprised in a very long time, so I`m happy to have a surprise and a birthday present together. And then when we got out of the car, my brother grabbed my arm, and they took me all the way to the entrance. I still had no idea. And then when my brother blindfolded me, I stood there in dumb amazement.

Very dangerous gun.

We were in Prague, where the shooting range in Prague was. I couldn`t believe it at all. This is my present, isn`t it? Shooting in Prague? The shooting Range in Prague? I didn`t want to believe it at all because this was an old dream of mine. And I`ve been dreaming about it for two years. And I kept talking about it. But I still didn`t have the determination to sign up and go and see it.

The shooting is very original game.

All I could do was take a look, but I couldn`t quite find the courage. So, I thought I`d just leave this to my dream and my desire. But my brother didn`t let it go, which I`m pleased about. And at first, I was shy, afraid to go in there and afraid to pick up a gun. Fortunately, there are very good employees in the shooting range Prague who helped me and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. They showed me everything and described it carefully. So, I`m glad that everywhere in the shooting range in Prague is really great staff who helped me. I also thank my brother for taking me there because I think I`ve found a new hobby.